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How To Know When To Replace Your Home Wiring System

Did you know? Electrical fires are the 3rd leading cause of home structure fires in the United States.

Residential electrical fires account for about 51,000 house fires causing more than 1,400 injuries and over a billion dollars of damage per year!

These staggering statistics don’t have to be part of your daily worry if you have a properly updated home wiring system.

Outdated electrical home wiring might not be something you think about when you look at your home update to-do list, but it is something that you should look into and look for signs that it’s time for a home wiring system update.

Don’t know the signs? We’ve got you covered.

Here is how to know it’s time to replace the electrical wiring system in your home.

Older Home

If your home is over 30 years old this is the first sign to have an experienced electrician come and assess your current wiring.

Homes built before 1985 are at risk for outdated electrical wiring and the wires should be updated to host the power you need in this day and age.

If you have a home built before the 1970s there is a great chance that you have aluminum wiring instead of copper wiring. Copper wiring is a better conductor of heat and electricity. By having aluminum wiring throughout your home you double the risk of a potential electrical fire.

Tripping The Breaker

Are you constantly having to go to your basement or closet to reset the breakers? If you’re regularly blowing fuses this could indicate that your home's power demand is more than the current system can hold.

This is often because we are using more and more electrical appliances that utilize power and when we plug them all in we are overloading the system.

Lights Dim Or Flicker

When you plug in and turn on your hair dryer or a high-powered appliance, do your lights dim or flicker? Your electrical system is trying to push power to your appliance and it's not up to the task of taking it all on at one time.

Extension Cords And Power Strips

If you need to use extension cords and power strips to plug in all your appliances, your home most likely doesn’t have enough outlets to cover all the items you need.

By overloading the outlets with power strips and extension cords you risk causing electrical fires, tripping breakers and more.

If you need more electrical outlets, you need more power and to update your wiring.

Need An Updated Home Wiring System? See SB Electrical Contractors

Outdated electrical wiring isn’t something you should put off. Don’t risk your family, home, and belongings by not having an experienced electrician assess and inspect your current residential wiring system.

To learn more about SB Electrical and how we can help you update your system to suit your family’s needs, contact us today to get an estimate.

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